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Woman arrested for drink driving after car left up a tree

Remarkably the crash in the early hours of Sunday caused only minor injuries. Credit: West Mercia Police

A driver has been arrested on suspicion of drink driving after a shocking crash left her car vertical in a tree.

The blue vehicle dramatically overturned after smashing into a telegraph pole on the B4386 at Cruckton, Shrewsbury in the early hours of Sunday.

West Mercia Police shared an image of the crumpled car held up in branches with the bonnet pointing to the ground.

A spokesperson confirmed to ITV News the driver was arrested after a crash which remarkably caused only minor injuries for her and at least one passenger.

It came on a weekend of chaos on the roads with police reporting multiple crashes as Storm Deirdre led to treacherous conditions.

These rusty railings punctured a driver's airbag but he walked away unharmed in Cambridgeshire. Credit: BCH Road Policing

Most the British Isles faced an onslaught of severe weather including freezing rain, along with high winds and snow.

The Met Office said the worst of the storm’s impact had passed by Saturday night, with milder conditions expected through Sunday.

But police forces across the country were left dealing with numerous reports of collisions triggered by icy conditions.

Heavy snowfall in the Scottish Borders made for treacherous traffic conditions. Credit: PA