Thief left dangling upside down after bungled burglary

This thief has been caught red-handed at a supermarket in Belgium during a burglary that did not quite go to plan.

CCTV captured the burglar in a Spar store in the Belgian town of Kaulille stealing cans of beer last Saturday.

The man tried to make his getaway by climbing over the gate of the premises but his trousers got caught on the fence.

Eventually, passers-by spotted the unlucky robber and freed him.

However, a few hours later, the burglar came back to steal more beer cans and got stuck in the same predicament.

In an attempt to free himself, he tried to take off his trousers only to be left dangling upside down with them around his ankles in the freezing cold.

Police came to the area and arrested the 30-year-old from Hechtel-Eksel, according to Belgian media.

Shoe prints were visible in the fresh snow, and the stolen drinks were found at an address in Bocholt, Het Laatste Nieuws reported.

The media outlet also said the man was known to Belgian authorities for other investigations.