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Second seal with 'deeply embedded' frisbee stuck round its neck is rescued in Norfolk

An animal rescue group has saved a second seal with a frisbee stuck round its neck on the Norfolk coast.

David Vyse, of Friends of Horsey Seals, said the seal was rescued at Horsey beach on Wednesday, 10 months after another Atlantic grey was released back in the wild after recovering from horrific injures also caused by a frisbee caught around her neck.

The seal was first spotted in September Credit: Glenn Mingham/ Friends of Horsey Seals/PA

Mr Vyse described it as a “horrible predicament” for the animal, nicknamed Mrs Pink Frisbee. He said the plastic disc is “deeply embedded and extremely infected”.

He estimates the female grey seal to be about four years old. She has now been taken to the RSPCA centre at East Winch for treatment.

Mr Vyse said there have been four more reported sightings of seals with frisbees around their necks off the Norfolk coast.

Seals can be more aggressive during breeding season. Credit: ITV News

Mrs Pink Frisbee was first spotted in September and a team of four volunteers has finally managed to capture her using special nets and a stretcher.

Her rescue follows last year's success recuperation of the original Mrs Frisbee, who was rescued at Horsey beach in 2017 by volunteers from the group and taken to RSPCA’s East Winch Wildlife Centre near King’s Lynn

She was released back into the wild in February this year after having the yellow plastic disc cut from her neck after it had become increasingly embedded in her neck as she grew bigger.

Mrs Frisbee was released back into the wild at Horsey Gap in Norfolk Credit: Joe Giddens/PA

When Mrs Frisbee was admitted to the RSPCA centre last year she was described as having an extended neck like a concertina.

She was given antibiotics and steroids, and fed a mackerel diet.

She swelled from 67kg (10 stone 7lbs) to 180kg (28 stone 4lbs) in the five months before her release back into the North Sea.