'Best Christmas present ever!': Surprise reunion for sisters with breast cancer who live opposite sides of the globe

Two sisters who have breast cancer but live on opposite sides of the globe are spending Christmas together after a surprise reunion.

Roisin Pelan and Lindsey Kennedy were both diagnosed with the disease within weeks of each other in January and February respectively.

Since then Roisin, from Preston, could only video call her sister 10,000 miles away in Melbourne as a means of support.

But, with Christmas around the corner, Roisin flew from the UK to Australia surprise her unsuspecting sister.

The sisters were diagnosed with the disease in January. Credit: 7 News
The sisters had been too ill to travel and see each other, talking to each other via video call instead. Credit: 7 News

The sisters had been too ill to travel and see each other.

Roisin was initially diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014 whilst she was pregnant.

The disease returned in January this year, and the same month Lindsey also discovered a lump in her breast.

Lindsey received confirmation from the doctors in February.

Roisin and Lindsey's reunion was an emotional occasion. Credit: 7 News

Their reunion was an emotional one, with both sisters visibly overjoyed.

Speaking of the meeting, Lindsey told 7 News: "It's unbelievable. The best Christmas present ever!"

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