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Korean golf tourists drown after freakish buggy collision with wives at Thai resort

Authorities have found the body of the second of two South Korean tourists who died after the golf buggy they were riding fell into a river in northern Thailand.

Phitsanulok province governor Pipat Ekpapan announced that the body of Jun Yong Sung, 68, had been found on Thursday morning after that of Jaseoong Ha, 76, was discovered the night before.

He said the pair fell into the Nan river as they were preparing to cross when another buggy reportedly carrying their wives hit theirs from behind, dumping them and their vehicle into the water.

Boat crews retrieved the bodies after a 50-hour search. Credit: AP

They were staying at a golf resort with a river running through it, which has to be crossed using a simple rope-and-pulley-operated ferry.

One of the victims’ wives, Ok Su Kim, was also hurt in the accident and is recovering in a local hospital.

A 50-hour search retrieved the bodies around 1.5 miles and 6.2 miles from where the accident occurred.

Mr Pipat said the victims’ bodies will undergo tests before they are returned to South Korea.