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Supermarket defends itself after shoppers shocked by Easter eggs on display two days after Christmas

Easter eggs on display at a Co-Op store in Sandwich, Kent, on December 27. Credit: Andrew Beer/PA

While many people are still finishing off their festive leftovers, the UK’s big-name stores appear to have already moved on from Christmas, with several putting Easter eggs on sale.

Social media users posted pictures of chocolate eggs on the shelves of a number of high street chains, with many commenting on how quickly they had appeared.

Several pointed out the seasonal chocolates on display in Co-op stores around the country, more than 16 weeks before Easter Sunday.

Among them was Andrew Beer, who wrote of a sighting in Sandwich, Kent: “Barely processed the Christmas food and there are already Easter eggs on the flippin shelves at Co-op.”

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While many shared Mr Beer’s sentiment, the chain defended the decision on Twitter, replying to another annoyed customer calling himself “Mr Grumppy”: “Hi Mr Grumppy, from experience we know some customers like to buy them early and we think it’s okay to give those people a choice. We’ll have them in stock closer to the time too.”

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Paul Curry posted an image on Twitter of a variety of Easter goods on sale at WH Smith in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, adding the hashtag #waytooearly.

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Hannah Ramsey, 30, from Darlington, said she was “very surprised” when she spotted eggs on sale in the same city, this time at a Sainsbury’s store.

“I know it’s a cliche that they appear in the shops shortly after Christmas, but 27th December does feel very efficient. I think some suspense is better,” she said.

Not everyone was disappointed, though. After spotting the sweet treats on sale at a Sainsbury’s branch in Bermondsey, south London, Ollie Lavery tweeted: “Guys, don’t panic … Christmas may be over but Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs are already on sale. PRAISE BE!”

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