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Couple have second IVF baby after generous Facebook friends secretly raise £2,000

  • Video report by ITV News Reporter Ben Chapman

A couple have had their second child using IVF thanks to the generosity of Facebook friends who raised money to fund the treatment.

Marisha Chaplin, 26, and her partner Jon Hibs, 29, had their first daughter, Evie, using IVF but couldn't afford to pay for a second round of treatment.

A group of mothers raised £2,000 to help the Nottinghamshire couple despite having never met them.

The mothers in the May Baby Buddies 2016 Facebook group rallied together to raise money for Marisha Chaplin and her partner Jon Hibs. Credit: Facebook/May Baby Buddies 2016

On Saturday after Ms Chaplin gave birth to baby Isla via Caesarian section she told the mothers her good news as soon as she could.

"We never imagined that we'd be a family of four. We'd never really be able to have another child," the pair said.

"It was something we wanted but it was a bit off in the distance."

The couple met in 2007 while Ms Chaplin was undergoing cancer treatment and Mr Hibs had come in for a check up.

They knew then they would have problems conceiving due to Ms Chaplin's cancer treatment.

"I was told by the time I was 23 my ovaries would give up," she said.

"At 16 my gynaecologist said 'You need to try for children sooner rather than later if you want them'."

After successfully giving birth to her eldest daughter, Evie, using IVF she joined a Facebook group called May Babies 2016.

Group members rallied together last year to raise £2,000 in secret and later told the couple the good news in a video.

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In the video, Ms Chaplin gets emotional as the mothers tell her they've raised "a penny or two" to help "ease the pressure" of having a second child.

The couple were then able to use frozen embryos left over from the first IVF treatment to have baby Isla.

Ms Chaplin said: "It was hard to fathom that these ladies, who hadn't actually met us before, put in their own money out of their own wages every month.

"They even did their own little raffles to get this money together.

"So much effort went into everything that they did."