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‘He was just up there having fun... an hour later he was dead’: Parents left in shock by ‘senseless’ California shooting

Parents have been left in shock by a "senseless" shooting in California which left three men dead and four injured.

The incident took place late Friday night at a bowling alley in Torrance, California.

The mother of 28-year-old victim Robert Meekins says security was insufficient.

"Have some security or something or some metal detector. These people in their lost their lives", said Angeline Hubbard.

"I don't have my baby. And my grandson don't have his father. So I have to go home and tell his baby - he's five - that his daddy's not coming home anymore."

The Torrance Police Department says officers responded to calls of “shots fired” at the Gable House Bowl shortly before midnight on Friday.

Multiple victims were found with gunshot wounds inside Gable House Bowl, which is described on its website as a gaming venue that offers bowling, laser tag and a full arcade.

Four male victims were left injured with two transported to a local hospital.

Torrance, California, is a coastal city about 20 miles from Los Angeles.