The truth behind the headlines that Prince Harry is off to fight the Russians

So you might have read some stories on Saturday suggesting that Prince Harry is off to fight the Russians.

Some headlines suggest the Duke of Sussex might be preparing for a secret mission to Norway with elite commandos to see off a threat from President Putin’s forces.

The truth is, there is a plan for the Prince to go on a military exercise.

It was a secret plan (until someone at the Ministry of Defence leaked it).

And there is a NATO exercise coming up in Norway - which is a show of force against Russia.

Prince Harry is involved because of his ceremonial role as head of the Royal Marines.

Prince Harry was presented with the Sword of honour during a visit to the Royal Marines Commando Training Centre in Devon in September. Credit: PA

But this isn’t Harry returning to the front line to take up a similar role to the one he had on two tours of Afghanistan.

He won’t be carrying a gun as he did on his first tour and he won’t be flying Apache helicopter as he did on his second.

Instead he will likely be flown in by someone else - alongside the UK Defence Secretary, Gavin Williamson.

NATO is planning a multi-nation exercise, sometimes called a "war game" as a show of force.

The alliance wants to put on a demonstration of its combined military night to counter recent aggressive behaviour by the Russians.

Prince Harry took over as Captain General of the Royal Marines after his grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, retired from the role in 2017.

Kensington Palace won’t say what Harry’s role will be, or whether his wife, Meghan, will go with him.

The Duchess of Sussex is expecting the couple’s first baby in the spring.

The military exercise is scheduled to take place in the first few weeks of the year.