Almost 38 million people affected by 'family monsters' such as money, Family Action charity reveals

Three in four adults in Britain say their close family is facing pressures.

Almost 38 million people are affected by the main pressures on families such as money, health, and quality time together, according to new research.

The research, carried out for charity Family Action, revealed three in four adults in Britain say their close family is under pressure.

The charity is starting a national conversation about 'family monsters' - the everyday pressures on families.

The campaign aims to stop these main pressures from becoming overwhelming by helping families find ways to talk about and face their pressures together.

  • Family Action has released a short film bringing family monsters to life:


have said money is a common pressure for the family.

Many people have revealed there are psychological barriers that are preventing them from getting help.

When asked what they do personally about tackling pressures, an estimated 16 million people (42%) said they don’t do anything.


with family pressures say not being sure who to ask for help can make pressures more difficult.

Family Action is one of the UK's oldest charities and hopes to transform lives of those who are experiencing poverty, disadvantage and social isolation.

Family Action Chief Executive, David Holmes, CBE said family pressures can worsen to make "daily life a struggle."

He said: "Every family will have its pressures. These monsters are with us every day, usually small and easy to deal with but at the worst times growing and becoming overwhelming, making daily life a struggle.

"We want to help families get these hidden monsters out in the open, as simply acknowledging and talking about our family monsters can often keep them small and under control."

Mr Holmes added: "To mark our 150th Anniversary we want to start a national conversation about family pressures, how normal they are and how best to manage them."

Many people have revealed there are psychological barriers which are preventing them from getting help. Credit: Family Action
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