Scientists discover sea temperatures rising faster than previously thought fuelling fears of extreme weather

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Dan Rivers

Scientists have discovered that sea temperatures are rising much faster than previously thought.

Ocean heat is a key indicator of global warming and a new system for measuring heat has revealed that the old system was out by about 40%.

Scientists behind the study predict that by the end of the century, sea temperature will rise by 0.78 degrees Celsius.

Despite it sounding like a small difference - it can have a devastating effect.It is believed hurricanes, storms and flooding would occur with more frequency.

“We are seeing that climate change is already impacting the oceans, its impacting people on land with extreme weather”, Greenpeace campaigner Louise Casson told ITV News.

“We rely on healthy oceans for food security. Coastal communities rely on the ocean and it regulates our global climate.

So, we really need to be listening to scientists and urgently step action on land and sea.”