Two Brits injured in bus crash which killed seven in Cuba

The crash happened in the eastern city of Guantanamo. Credit: ITV News

Two Britons were among those injured when a bus crashed in Cuba, killing seven people.

Five others are in a critical condition following the accident in the east on Thursday afternoon.

A spokesperson for the the Foreign Office confirmed the injuries saying they were "currently providing assistance to two British nationals who were injured on the bus".

State media reported that 18 Cubans and 22 tourists from the UK, the Netherlands, France, Mexico and Canada were on board the bus when it crashed on a road between the cities of Baracoa and Guantanamo.

The crash - which took place at around 8pm on Thursday (3pm local time) - happened in a south-eastern city of Guantánamo, around 1,000 miles away from the capital Havana.

Images shared online showed severe damage to the front of the coach - part of which was missing.

Authorities have not yet named the victims.

Radio Guantánamo said it had spoken to the driver of the bus who said he lost control of the bus in wet conditions on a bendy section of the road between Baracoa and Guantánamo.

But witnesses told the station that the crash happened after the driver attempted to overtake a car before changing his mind when he saw an approaching lorry.

The section of the road on which the crash took place has one of the highest accident rates of the highway, according to the station.

Viazul operates buses between many large towns on Cuba and is a popular travel choice for tourists on the Caribbean island.

In Cuba in 2018, there were 750 deaths and 7,999 injuries in 11,187 accidents in the country of 11 million.

Thursday’s wreck was the fourth major bus accident in a month.