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Woman 'absolutely petrified' after near miss with car that ploughed into nightclub

A woman who narrowly avoided being hit by a car as it was driven into a packed nightclub has said she was "absolutely petrified" by what she thought was a terrorist attack.

Hadley Connor was enjoying a night out with friends at Blake's nightclub in Gravesend, Kent in March last year when 21-year-old Mohammed Abdul drove a vehicle at speed on the dancefloorafter being ejected from the club by door staff.

His revenge attack left eight people injured.

Hadley Connor was 'absolutely petrified' in what she believed was a terror attack. Credit: ITV News

Abdul later claimed he has been had been "humiliated" after being asked to leave the venue by bouncers.

He had drunk at least 15 glasses of vodka, tequila shots and consumed more than "five to 10 spliffs" of cannabis before climbing behind the wheel of his Suzuki Vitara.

Mohammed Abdul was ejected from the club by its staff. Credit: Kent Police

Footage from inside the club showed Abdul driving past bouncers, down an alleyway packed with clubbers before stopping and then accelerating into the dancefloor in a marquee connected to the venue.

Hadley Connor was waiting for friends near the club's entrance when Abdul began his drink and drug-fuelled rampage and narrowly avoided being hit by the vehicle after falling over while trying to run out of its path.

She only avoided serious injury after a member of the club's staff pulled her out of the way.

Mohammed Abdul proceeded to plow his car into clubbers on the dance floor, he was only stopped after club staff apprehended him. Credit: Kent Police

Hadley told ITV News "I was absolutely petrified. Once I had fallen over, I was in high heels so I couldn't run too fast, I'd fallen over and my neck and my back was in so much pain I couldn't even move my neck. So I knew the car was coming but I couldn't do anything about it".

She added "I thought it could have been a terrorist attack," and thanked the club's staff for saving her life.

The prosecution described the incident as a determined and deliberate attempt to kill with Abdul using his car as a weapon against club-goers.

On Thursday he was served to two 28-year sentences which will be served concurrently.