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Six-year-old girl 'so so sorry' after accidentally calling 999

The letter Izzy Vardy sent to Nottinghamshire Police. Credit: Nottinghamshire Police

A six-year-old girl has written to police to say she is "so sorry" after accidentally calling 999 repeatedly on New Year's Eve.

Izzy Vardy, from Annesley, was playing with her mum's locked mobile phone when she pressed emergency call several times without knowing what she was doing.

The control room at Nottinghamshire Police called her mum back and she was "very cross" with Izzy, police said.

But after being told why it was so important to only call the emergency services when you really have to, Izzy sent a letter and a box of biscuits to the force.

She wrote: "I'm so so sorry to you all and my mummy and daddy. We have chatted about 999 and I understand that you only ring 999 in an emergency."

Nottinghamshire Police said the biscuits were "very much appreciated by our control room staff" and thanked Izzy and her parents for "understanding what we do".

After the force shared the letter on Facebook, Izzy's mother Bronya Vardy replied: "Thank you Nottinghamshire Police for being so wonderful with Izzy. So glad we hand delivered the letter. She was totally in awe of what you all do."