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Man clearing snow off roof dies in avalanche in Austria

A worker clearing snow off a roof has died in Austria after being swept away as the snow began to slide off, according to media reports.

The 47-year-old man and three others were pushed off the 20-foot roof in Faistenau, near Salzburg, on Monday and buried in the snow, Austrian broadcaster ORF reported.

It comes as parts of Europe are facing extreme weather after days of heavy snow has increased the risk of avalanches in parts of southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Dozens of people have died in avalanches and weather-related accidents since the start of the year.

A firefighter removes a snow covered fallen tree on a road in Hofsgrund, Germany. Credit: AP

Meanwhile, Bosnian authorities said three people died and 17 others have been injured in car and bus crashes on snowy roads across in the Balkan nation, earlier on Monday.

Authorities said three people died and three others were injured in two separate car accidents on icy roads near the northwestern town of Laktasi.

A snowplow also overturned while clearing a highway at Komar Mountain in central Bosnia.

The cold snap and snow are forecast to continue through the week.

Germany’s interior minister announced on Monday that 230 police officers are being sent to assist thousands of rescue workers and volunteers clearing snow-laden roofs in Bavaria.

At least 27 weather-related deaths have been reported in the continent since the start of the new year.