Thousands angle for glory at South Korean ice fishing festival

South Korean ice fishing Credit: AP

Thousands of people have flocked to a frozen river in South Korea to take part in an ice fishing festival.

The month-long Pyeongchang Trout Festival attracts more than one million people every year. Prizes worth 18,800,000 won (£13,000) are handed out to those who can reel in the best catch.

Thousands of people have taken part in the annual festival which offers prizes for catching freshwater trout. Credit: AP

The festival take place on a frozen river, around two hours from Seoul, in central South Korea. Pyeongchang was the home of the 2018 Winter Olympics and experiences overnight lows of -11c.

Participants cast lines through holes drilled into the surface of the frozen river to catch the fresh water fish living below.

The festival, now in its 12th year, holds competitions where up to 50 participants use their bare hands to catch trout in the icy Odaecheon.

Those who don't win the cash jackpot can have their trout served up in one of the festival's fresh food kitchens.

Thousands of people have gathered for the annual festival, now in it's 12th year. Credit: AP