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US gymnast Katelyn Ohashi scores full marks with incredible routine and social media flips out

UCLA gymnast Katelyn Ohashi who scored perfect 10s with her routine. Credit: AP

An American university gymnast has wowed judges with an incredible athletics routine, scoring full marks with a repertoire of flips and splits.

Katelyn Ohashi of University of California, Los Angeles performed her routine including three backflips and splits at the Collegiate Challenge - and made it look like a walk in the park.

Footage of the routine has been watched millions of times on social media.

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Set to Tina Turner's Proud Mary and a medley of songs from Michael Jackson's career, the gymnast scored maximum marks from judges who unanimously served up perfect 10s - the fourth of her gymnastics career, according to UCLA.

The super-flexible 21-year-old college student has previously represented Team USA at the American Cup and Pacific Rim Championship and is currently the reigning National Collegiate Athletic Association championships.

Following the routine, Ohashi shared a tweet from actor Sofia Wylie saying "Nothing is impossible when your friends have your back like this!!"

Several social media viewers said Ohashi's performance was "on fire," commented on the "fabulous sass" she brought to the gymnastics mat and praised the team spirit backing the athlete.

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