Romeo, 'the world's loneliest frog', gets a date after 10 years of searching

A frog dubbed "the world's loneliest" has a blind date coming up, after researchers found more members of his species.

Romeo has spent 10 years in isolation at an aquarium in Bolivia and was thought to be the last Sehuencas water frog on the planet, according to Global Wildlife Conservation.

But researchers who found Romeo in 2008 say they have found him a Juliet after an expedition to a remote Bolivian cloud forest.

Last year, an online dating profile was even created and he joined Twitter as Romeo the World's Loneliest Frog.

Researchers - including Teresa Camacho Badani of the Alcide d'Orbigny Museum of Natural History - have now discovered five new Sehuencas frogs, including two females.

One of them is a suitable potential mate for Romeo and, perhaps unsurprisingly, has been named Juliet.

She and the others went straight into quarantine to be checked for any diseases before joining Romeo.

"We do not want Romeo to get sick on his first date," Ms Badani told Global Wildlife Conservation.

Researcher Teresa Camacho Badani on a Bolivian expedition. Credit: Global Wildlife Conservation

Romeo and Juliet also share similar interests, but enough differences to keep things exciting.

"She likes worms as much as Romeo likes them," Ms Badani said.

"She is very strong, and swims very fast. She looks great and is healthy," the researcher added.