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Security guard killed while helping others in Nairobi terror attack 'a hero'

  • Video report by ITV News Africa Correspondent John Ray

A security guard who was killed as he helped rescue people during the Nairobi terror attack has been described as a "hero".

Dedrick Limisi brought a number of people to safety from the luxury hotel in the Kenyan capital which militants attacked on Tuesday.

Twenty-one people were confirmed to have died in the attack - including one Briton - during which explosives and guns were used.

Mr Limisi had gone back into the hotel one final time to rescue a colleague when he was shot.

The attackers used explosives and guns at the hotel complex.

Speaking to ITV News, his father, Zacharia Amusala, said: "While he was moving he was shot from behind.

"That is how he met his death.So, he is a hero."

Mr Limisi's wife, Mildred Lemisi, said: "I didn't believe that he was dead.

"I was thinking he would awake. But he's already dead."

Mildred Lemisi said she could not believe her husband had died. Credit: ITV News

Security footage from the scene shows a suicide bomber moments before he attacked a restaurant inside the complex.

Seconds later, survivors run in panic away from the smoke.

Several arrests have been made as the authorities hunt the killers' accomplices.

Authorities have confirmed that 21 people died in the attack. Credit: ITV News

But this is not only Kenya's fight, with Western intelligence and forensic experts at the scene.

Kenya is regarded by Britain and US as a frontline ally in the global struggle against terrorism.

So one attack here leads to many difficult questions, not just for Kenya.

Some people believe that in the five years since the last al-Shabaab attack in Nairobi, Kenya has grown complacent.

One security expert, Javas Bigambo, told ITV News: "We have slipped as a nation through periods where terrorists have caught us flat-footed. This is one of them."

Western intelligence services are also investigating the attack.