'The first losers of this are the British people': French president Emmanuel Macron gives Brexit predictions

Emmanuel Macron believes it all comes down to three options for the Prime Minister. Credit: AP

A political consensus on Brexit seems impossible.

But, for the French President Emmanuel Macron, it comes down to three options for the Prime Minister.

In an address on Tuesday in Normandy, Mr Macron outlined his predictions for Brexit.

“I'm going to tell you how I see things (after the Brexit vote). First option: they (the British) go towards a 'no deal' so they say there is no agreement.

“It scares everybody. The first losers of this are the British people. So in this context, they will have to - without any transition period- renegotiate a future relationship.

“I can tell you very solemnly that in the framework of this future relationship the interests of (French) fishing will be defended and we will have to negotiate with them anyway a transition period because the British can't afford not to have a plane taking of or landing in their country, and their supermarkets are supplied at 70 per cent by what comes from continental Europe.”

“Second option: they tell us 'we will try' - I think that's what they'll do. I know them a bit - 'we will try to improve what we can obtain from the Europeans and we'll vote again'.

“We'll see. Maybe we can improve one or two points. I don't really believe it because we went as far as what we could do in the agreement.

“And, in order to try and solve a problem of British politics, we will defend the interests of the Europeans.”

“There is a third option which is -I think they will start by the 2nd (option) and it will end by the 3rd (option).

“Let's bet. I take my chances- which is to say 'we will take more time' and they will ask to have longer period to renegotiate something.

“So they will take more time, maybe they will step over the European elections in order to find something else. ”

Will there be a disorderly Brexit which impacts both the UK and France? Credit: AP

Later, Mr Macron appeared to suggest referendums are not an effective method of democracy, saying the Brexit vote had been “manipulated”.

“But, in the time we are living, it (the result the Brexit vote) says a lot about what referendums which seemed nice can create. It's a referendum that has been manipulated, manipulated from the exterior by a lot of what we call fake news, where everything and anything was said, and now they are being told 'figure it out yourselves'.

“Result: it is not true. We have lied to the people and what they have chosen is not possible. Good luck to the representatives of the nation who have to implement a thing which doesn't exist and explain to the people: 'you have voted on a thing, we lied to you. That's what they have to go through.”