Final copies of Yellow Pages delivered after more than half a century

Yellow Pages will be delivered for the last time today, as the household name is going out of print.

After more than half a century, the final editions of the once essential guide are being delivered in Brighton - the city where its original print run was handed out.

The book filled with business numbers has adorned Britain's sideboards since 1966. The brand soon became a household name - gaining a reputation for being the place to go to find local businesses and services.

It had 104 editions, each tailored the specific areas of the UK.

In 1996 the directory went online for the first time. Pioneering at the time, it was the first tolling of the directory's death bell.

Four years later, British Telecom announced it would run Yellow Pages as a separate business, selling it a year later for £2.1bn to reduce its debt.

James Nesbitt starred in a series of the Yellow Pages adverts in the early 2000s. Credit: Yellow Pages

The classified's presence was supplemented by a series of iconic adverts, the latter of which starred Cold Feet actor, James Nesbitt.

The memorable campaigns captured the nation's imagination, including JR Hartley's hunt for a fly-fishing book and the plight of a young man in desperate need of a french polisher.

In [September 2017 Yellow Pages announced it would stop printing copies](http://Final edition of Yellow Pages to be published in January after more than 50 years) of its iconic book.

The final copies of the directory will be delivered to a family business in Brighton which has been using the book to advertise since 1966.

"It's part of the nation's conscious," said James Nesbitt, delivering the final run in Brighton.

"People will always have had some sort of history with it," he added.