Prince Philip visits hospital in wake of Sandringham car crash

Prince Philip visited hospital in the aftermath of his car crash at Sandringham, Buckingham Palace has said.

The Duke of Edinburgh had a precautionary check-up on Friday morning following doctor's advice.

Medical workers at the hospital confirmed the Duke, 97, had no injuries of concern, a Palace statement said.

Philip was involved in an accident on Thursday afternoon when his Land Rover collided with a Kia and flipped onto its side.

Two women in the other vehicle were injured, with a 45-year-old breaking her wrist.

The collision saw the Prince's Land Rover flip onto its side. Credit: Tia Greenstreet

The Prince had originally been seen by a doctor at Sandringham after the collision, who did not report any injuries.

But an update was published by Buckingham Palace on Friday, saying the Duke subsequently went for a "precautionary" check-up.

"On doctor's advice, the Duke of Edinburgh visited the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn this morning for a precautionary check-up," a Palace spokesperson said.

"This confirmed His Royal Highness had no injuries of concern. The duke has returned to Sandringham."

Both vehicles suffered significant damage. Credit: Eastern Daily Press

The Palace added that Philip had been in contact with the occupants of the other car - the two women and a baby.

"Contact has been made privately with the passengers in the other car and well-wishes exchanged," the statement read.

The development comes after eyewitnesses described the Prince as having an "extraordinary escape" from what looked like a serious crash.

Speaking to ITV News, Roy Warne said: "It was an astonishing escape for everyone.

"It looked like it had been extraordinarily severe injuries but fortunately the injuries were very light...People could have been killed."

Roy Warne helped release the Duke from his car.

Mr Warne, 75, explained that he first went to the other car involved in the collision as he could see smoke.

"They were extremely upset," he said. "The mother particularly for her baby."

Mr Warne says he then went to the Duke's car, pulling him from his wrecked car.

He said: "He's a very brave man. He didn't make a big fuss about it and he went to ask everyone else if they were injured."

The collision happened at the junction of the A419 and the B1439.

The crash happened as Philip's Freelander pulled out of a side road onto a stretch of the A149 which was earmarked by the local authority for possible safety measures.

At a meeting, coincidentally scheduled for Friday, Norfolk Country Council approved plans to lower the speed limit from 60mph to 50mph, backed by speed cameras.

Norfolk Constabulary said in a statement: "As is standard procedure with injury collisions, the incident will be investigated and any appropriate action taken.

"We are aware of the public interest in this case, however, as with any other investigation it would be inappropriate to speculate on the causes of the collision until an investigation is carried out."