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Five-year-old Peppa Pig fans in China get green light for 'dream' visit to Buckingham Palace

The twins Mi Ni and Mi A stating their message to the Queen in an online video. Photo: Weibo

Two five-year-old Peppa Pig fans from China have been promised a "dream-come-true" visit to Buckingham Palace this summer.

The twins posted a video on the social media channel Weibo expressing their wish to make the visit just like Peppa Pig, the star fictional character from a British animation series.

Just over a week later the sisters were invited to afternoon tea with the British Ambassador Dame Barbara Woodward.

During the afternoon they were told the British Embassy and local kids entertainment platform, Youku, would help them make their trip possible in summer.

Speaking during the afternoon tea, the British ambassador said: “I was really touched by Mi Ai and Mi Ni’s video.

"Children’s dreams are precious and I’m delighted to work with Youku and Peppa Pig to make theirs come true.

In the video posted online the twins can be seen introducing themselves and asking the Queen if they can "visit her back garden."

Having watched the twins' video, Mrs Woodward later responded with an invitation for British afternoon tea at her home.

As well as visiting the UK, the twins' tour will include a trip to the Peppa Pig World theme park and the studio where the cartoon is made.

The invitation to Mi Ai and Mi Ni intends to encourage more people from China to visit Britain and increase spending.

In a statement the British Embassy in Beijing said: "Visits from China have more than doubled during the last 10 years and inbound spend almost quadrupled.

The Peppa Pig character Credit: PA