Up and coming actor Raphel Famotibe has told ITV News he is "shocked" his latest film Wale which tackles race and social injustice in Britain has made the Oscars shortlist.

The 20 minute film features Mr Famotibe playing an 18-year-old young offender trying to launch a business as a mechanic.

Directed by Barnaby Blackburn the portrays racial prejudices that still exist in Britain today.

For Mr Famotibe, it's his first big role.

When asked about the movie's place in the Oscars shortlist he told ITV News: "I'm still shocked it feels like a dream."

Wale star Raphel Famotibe and producer Ed Speleers speaking with ITV News. Credit: ITV News

Wale has been nominated in the Live Action Short Film category.

Last year British film Silent Child fended off the competition and took home the Oscars in this category.

Producer Ed Speleers is hoping the hard-hitting topics covered by Wale will bring the UK Oscars success again.

He told ITV News: "The character Wale is that sort of person where you'd see a black boy in a tracksuit and you automatically assume 'oh he's a criminal.'"