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Niagara Falls leaves visitors stunned by 'Frozen fairytale'

Winter has officially arrived in Ontario, Canada, as parts of the Niagara Falls freeze over.

The world-famous waterfall has been transformed into a winter wonderland as a cold snap presents shivering tourists with breathtaking views and even ice bridges at the foot the falls.

Temperatures have plunged so low in America’s Northeast that it has partly frozen the majestic Niagara Falls stunning visitors as they are treated to a scene which appears to come straight out of Disney’s Frozen.

A winter storm brought wind chills of up to -25 degrees Celsius over recent days with highs of -13 degrees Celsius.

Visitors took selfies in front of the world-famous waterfall. Credit: EBU

Those hoping to get a closer view were thwarted by ice building up on the tourist binoculars.

Visitors binoculars freeze over near the Niagara Falls. Credit: EBU

But the wider view made for some spectacular photographs.

The snow and ice near the Niagara Falls has been compared to scenes from Disney's Frozen film. Credit: EBU