Dutch PM Mark Rutte tells ITV News Theresa May will 'find a way out' on Brexit despite ruling out backstop concession

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has told ITV News he has "full confidence in Theresa May" to deliver Brexit despite repeatedly insisting the EU will make no concessions on the Irish backstop.

Speaking to Business and Economics Editor Joel Hills at the World Economic Forum in Davos, he said the British prime minister will "find a way out" to "square this circle" after MPs overwhelmingly rejected her negotiated exit deal.

Yet Mr Rutte said any steps towards a "hard border" in Ireland were out of the question and insisted the present deal for Britain to leave the EU remains the "only one" on the table.

France’s finance minister earlier made similar noises but said the EU would be open to extending Article 50 if the UK could justify the move.

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