'I am past caring what the deal is we have': Sir Oliver Letwin supports PM’s deal as long as it secures Brexit

Conservative grandee Sir Oliver Letwin has told fellow MPs that he is "past caring" what Brexit deal Britain negotiates.

Speaking ahead of a series of amendment votes on Tuesday that went largely in the PM's favour, he said: “I voted for the Prime Minister’s first deal. I shall vote for whatever she brings back. I am going to vote for the Brady amendment.

“I’ve actually got to the point where I am past caring what the deal is we have. I will vote for it to get a smooth exit.”

His comments sparked reaction on Twitter.

Labour MP Sarah Jones said his comments showed "extraordinary complacency".

Sir Oliver went on to defend Yvette Cooper's amendment on extending Article 50 - which eventually failed - from accusations it was "some kind of constitutional outrage", telling MPs the House of Commons has "undisputed control over its own procedures" and always has done.

He added: "There's nothing improper, there's nothing wrong, there's nothing even unusual about changing standing orders by a majority in this House of Commons and until 1906 the Government did not have control of the order paper... there is no need for it to do so in future."