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Judge rules extradition of speedboat killer Jack Shepherd to UK will not be fast tracked

A Georgian judge has ruled the extradition of speedboat killer Jack Shepherd to the United Kingdom will not be fast tracked.

ITV News understands that Shepherd declined the opportunity from the Georgian side to send him back to the UK, thereby delaying his extradition.

The next hearing will happen in three months where he will continue to fight against extradition; and in the meantime, he will remain in prison in Georgia.

The 31-year-old web designer handed himself in to authorities last week after months on the run following his conviction for killing Charlotte Brown.

Reacting to his court appearance on Tuesday, her family told ITV News: “We as a family just want to see Jack Shepherd extradited back to the UK however long it takes.”

Ms Brown, from Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, died after plunging into the icy waters of the Thames when Shepherd's boat crashed during a champagne-laden date in December 2015.

Charlotte Brown died in December 2015 following a first date with Jack Shepherd. Credit: Family Handout

Shepherd's lawyer in Georgia, Mariam Kublashvili told ITV News: "I met him (Shepherd) yesterday, he felt well and normal. No dangers. He is safe. He thinks to stay here is more safe - better for his case.

"Now it is better for us to study his case and communicate more with UK lawyers", she added.

Last week, defence lawyers in Georgia said Shepherd should not be extradited because he was warned in a phone call that his life might be in danger if he goes to a UK jail.

The court also heard that Shepherd had alcohol dependency and he wanted to conduct the appeal against his conviction from Georgia.