Kite surfer pulls off incredible 200 metre jump over sandbank

A British kite surfer has pulled off an incredible stunt, jumping more than 200 metres over a sandbank in Devon.

21-year-old Olly Bridge, a three-time European kite surfing champion, completed the manoeuvre on Sunday.

The 21-year-old pulled off the incredible stunt in Exmouth on Sunday. Credit: Olly Bridge

He said it was possible due to "perfect conditions," and thanked a "really strong north-westerly wind blowing straight down the river," for helping him complete the leap.

Despite eyeing up the sandbank for a while, Sunday was the first time Olly managed to pull off the feat.

The medal-winning kite surfer said the conditions around the Exe estuary are perfect for the sport, adding: "The best playground is Exmouth, there's so much variety on the river and the tides are perfect."