Man rescued from freezing lake in Chicago after trying to save dog which jumped in water

A man was rescued from the icy waters of Lake Michigan in Chicago on Sunday after trying to retrieve his dog that had jumped in.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, was walking his dog near Foster Beach.

The nine-month-old adopted dog darted towards the ice on the lake and ended up in the water.

The owner jumped into the lake to rescue the American Eskimo mix, named Pika.

He was able to save the 19-pound dog but was unable to get out of the lake due to large ice walls that formed along the water's edge.

Luckily – officers were on hand to save the pair.

“They (Chicago Police Department) absolutely saved my life,” the man said. “I will be forever grateful to them.”

Both owner and dog are in good health – their rescue comes as the US Midwest experience temperatures as low as -50C.