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Heart-shaped meteorite to be sold on Valentine’s Day

The meteorite has been nicknamed the Heart of Space due to its unique shape. Credit: Christie's

A rare meteorite shaped like a heart could sell for up to £500,000 at auction due to close on Valentine's Day.

The 4.5 billion-year-old meteorite originates fell over Siberia on February 12, 1947, in the largest meteorite shower ever observed. The shower shattered windows, collapsed chimneys and uprooted trees.

It's meteorite's unique shape has led to it being nicknamed the Heart of Space.

Meteorite showers happen when rocks and metal fall from space. Credit: AP

It's thought that on its descent, it reached speeds up to 30,000 mph.

The meteorite was "part of a giant chunk of iron that broke off from a larger mass in and asteroid belt some 320 million years ago," James Hyslop, a science and natural history specialist at London-based auction house Christie's said.

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The break-up happened 70 million years before the dinosaurs first appeared on Earth.

Heart of Space will be open to bidders from February 6, among 45 lots of valuable meteorites.