Stranglers back Guildford Star Inn pub against closure 44 years after first performance

For nearly every band, singer and performer "everyone has to start somewhere", which likely means a pub or small venue.

In the case of the Stranglers it was The Star Inn in Guildford where, 44 years ago, the punk rock band performed their very first gig.

But the venue is now under threat after noise complaints from neighbours.

The band have decided to step in to try and save the place where, for them, it all began.

Credit: ITV News

The punk rock band would give much credit to the gigs they played when they first started out.

They went on to success in the singles and albums charts over the decade, including a smashing seven UK Top 40 hits.

Bass guitarist of Stranglers, Jean-Jacques Burnel said: "Thousands of venues in the country had live music and as a result a lot of great bands learnt their trade, if you want, and learnt how to front their audience."

"It's the fundamental bed-rock of the industry, it's the starting point for most young musicians, said Barry Baz Warne, another member of the band.

Steve Lamacq, a radio presenter for BBC 6 Music. Credit: ITV News

BBC 6 Music radio presenter Steve Lamacq has long championed small music venues.

He said they are part of our cultural heritage.

"What would Britain's musical legacy be like if The Cavern had been closed down because of noise complaints?

"I mean places like The Cavern and The Hundred Club in London, they are as famous as some of the artists who have come through and played there."