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At least 21 dead as 'polar vortex' continues in Midwest

Chicago has been hit by the Credit: PA

At least 21 have died across America's Midwest following the worst cold snaps to hit the country in decades.

Government officials have confirmed 21 deaths thus far following the continued low temperatures.

A third of the country's population have had to endure temperatures of -17C and below as part of the "polar vortex" conditions.

Patients are checking into hospitals with frostbite, while the homeless population have been left most at risk by the freezing temperatures.

Authorities have tried to alleviate the issues for the homeless by opening warming shelters.

People have been told to wrap up warm. Credit: PA

An 18-year-old student was found unresponsive near to his dorm when the wind chill had hit -46C and he later died in hospital.

A man died after collapsing in his garage having shovelled snow outside his home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Twenty-two-year-old Ali Gombo was found outside his sister's home in Rochester, Minnesota, the morning after being dropped off following a night at a bar. He did not have keys and failed to wake his sibling and it is thought he died of hypothermia trying to gain access.

Road conditions have deteriorated, with one couple dying in a crash in North Indiana.

Forecasts claim temperatures will increase over the weekend to being above average for this time of year, with Chicago anticipating a 60 degree swing.

Although, on the face of it, temperatures soaring sounds like a positive, expects fear a rapid thaw could result in burst water pipes, flooding and road damage.