Wintry weather sweeping across the UK has caused disruption for many - but not for all.

The UK's only polar bear cub, Hamish, has been pictured enjoying time in the snow, taking the weather in his stride.

The bear, who celebrated his first birthday in December, lives at the Highland Wildlife Park in the Cairngorms.

Hamish celebrated his first birthday in December Credit: Vickie Larkin/RZSS/PA

In nearby Braemar, temperatures last week dropped to -14.5c as freezing conditions moved in. Being more in line with weather experienced in the Arctic, the subzero climbs of Scotland seem to suit Hamish perfectly.

The cub was photographed by park keeper Vickie Larkin playing around and shaking snow off his snout.

Hamish has been pictured enjoying snowy conditions in northern Scotland. Credit: Vickie Larkin/RZSS/PA

Hamish was the first polar bear cub to be born in the UK for 25 years when he arrived on December 18 2017. The zoo released a video to celebrate the bear's special day.

A public vote was held to choose his name, with around two-thirds of the 36,000 votes cast opting for the winning moniker.