British expats in Spain speak of healthcare and jobs fears as Brexit looms

Healthcare and jobs are among the biggest worries for British expats living in Spain if Britain leaves the European Union without a deal.

Sally, who retired in Spain on a public sector pension told ITV News: "I suppose the thing I'm most worried about is our access to healthcare as you get to this sort of age, this tends to become a big worry."

Other expats who have business are concerned about keeping their income afloat.

British bar owner Mandy Sirett told ITV News: "If they start to sell their properties here so there are less people coming, our customer base is going to go down.

"And then also we have to look after our staff and make sure all their papers are in order and that can change over night."

In an attempt to reassure expats, the UK's ambassador to Spain Simon Manley said: "We remain confident that we're going to be able to deliver a deal that works for the British people and our European colleagues."

Mr Manley was keen to stress that British nationals resident in Spain should ensure they are correctly registered.

The European Union however has said they are not planning to make "any new offer" to Theresa May on the Brexit deal.

On Wednesday European Council President Donald Tusk said there is a "special place in hell" for those who backed Brexit "without even a sketch of a plan."

He added: "The position of the EU27 is clear, as expressed in the documents agreed with the UK Government - that is the Withdrawal Agreement and the Political Declaration."