A cat from Montana has used one of its nine lives to survive a "once in a generation" polar vortex that swept across the US last month.

Fluffy was found buried under three inches of snow after the storm brought freezing lows of -27c to towns and cities across the mid-west.

Her owners rescued her, quickly taking her to a vet. It took seven hours to bring her back to life using warm water, hair dryers and towels.

Fluffy was warmed up using a hair dryer and is now recovering at home. Credit: Animal Clinic of Kalispell
Fluffy was soon back to her usual, fluffy self. Credit: Animal Clinic of Kalispell

She has been described as a typical grumpy cat, but it turns out that Fluffy's personality may have actually played a part in her survival.

Dr Jevon Clark, the vet who helped the frozen feline, said: "Cats that are crabby have a tendency to want to live."

It appears checking for cats wasn't in this pilot's pre-flight checks. Credit: Romain Jantot

Fluffy isn't the only cat to get herself into a unfortunate situation.

In 2015, a cat was filmed clinging on for dear life after it fell asleep on a microlight which then took off - much to the surprise of the pilot.

Last month, a Washington-based cat was helped after being found with a dart in its side. Pepper had to endure a trip to the vet to have the dart removed and is now recovering from the ordeal at home.

The Washington-based cat needed assistance after being struck by a dart.