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Prince of Wales attends ballet world premiere

The Prince of Wales is greeted by a dancer at the Royal Ballet School Photo: Gareth Fuller/PA

The Prince of Wales attended a world premiere ballet at The Royal Opera House on Tuesday evening, presented in honour of his 70th birthday.

The production, called The Cunning Little Vixen, was created by Liam Scarlett for The Royal Ballet School.

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Charles was greeted by the school’s chairman, the Duchess of Wellington, and Alex Beard, the chief executive of the Royal Opera House before being presented a programme by one of the school’s dancers.

The performers, from the Royal Ballet’s dancer training schools, White Lodge and Upper School, took on the roles of lively woodland creatures.

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The double bill also included a production of Frederick Ashton’s ‘The Two Pigeons’, which featured two live birds flying across the stage.

Liam Scarlett is the current Artist in Residence at the school, having joined The Royal Ballet  in 2006 and eventually retiring from dancing in 2012 to focus on choreography.

Charles has been the President of the Royal Ballet since 2003 and Patron of the Royal Opera House since 2009.