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Gibraltarians fear 'complete chaos' in the event of no-deal Brexit

Gibraltarians have told ITV News a no-deal Brexit would bring "complete chaos" to the region.

Those living and working in the British Overseas Territory have said the practical outworking of the UK crashing out of the EU would affect everyday necessities such as the supply of milk.

Martin Gill, a mechanic who has been commuting to Gibraltar for the last 30 years told ITV News: "It would just be complete chaos here if it was no-deal Brexit, really really bad. It would just mess up the whole economy - Gib and the Spanish side."

Martin Gill, has been commuting to Gibraltar for the last 30 years. Credit: ITV News

Liz Quinn runs an insurance company in Gibraltar and she told ITV News about the impact a no-deal Brexit would have on the region's supermarkets.

"Our supermarkets import all their food, we don't grow any food in Gibraltar and we have two big UK supermarkets represented here," she said.

"And you will see for example if you buy the milk that you've only got four or five days to the sell-by date because it gets driven down by lorries from the UK.

"Now if the border queues get longer and it take two three days to get through, what's going to happen to our groceries supply."

Liz Quinn is worried for food supplies in the event of a no-deal Brexit. Credit: ITV News

Gibraltarians rejected Spanish sovereignty in two referendums, one in 1967 and another in 2002.

However, there are now increasing concerns Madrid will call the shots in Brussels.

In February the European Council referred to Gibraltar as a "colony" in a document setting out plans for Britons to have visa-free travel to the EU after Brexit.

The move was deemed "inappropriate" by the UK Government.

At the time Gibraltar’s Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo, accused Madrid of trying to “bully” the British Overseas Territory by demanding the contentious description in the draft document.

Fabian Picardo has accused Madrid of trying to 'bully' the British Overseas Territory. Credit: PA

Mr Picardo said: “No one will be surprised to hear the Spanish government making provocative statements in respect of Gibraltar.

“The 32,000 people of Gibraltar are used to the constant attempts by successive Spanish governments to bully us in every possible way.

“This is no different to the sort of abuse we have had from former Spanish administrations.”