Six-year-old boy bought roses for every female in his town for Valentine’s Day

(Lynn Boyd)

A six-year-old bought a rose for every woman and girl in his small town for Valentine’s Day, totalling 155 people.

Casey Boyd personally handed a flower to every female in his hometown of Main Brook in Newfoundland, Canada after saving small change he collected over the year.

The six-year-old warmed hearts all over town. Credit: Lynn Boyd

Casey knocked on every front door in the small community of around 250 people, having photographs with those he gave flowers to.

According to his mother Lynn Boyd, Casey said he just wanted to “make people smile and feel loved”.

Casey's mother said the little lad has a heart of gold. Credit: Lynn Boyd

“The message he wanted to send is that everyone deserves to be respected and treated with kindness,” she told the Press Association.

“He is a boy that doesn’t like to see any hurting in the world and he doesn’t understand people being disrespectful.

“Casey is very emotional and is easy to make sad.

“As the saying goes, he has a heart of gold and loves to share everything he has.”

Casey has even bigger plans for next year. Credit: Lynn Boyd

After he had given a single rose to females across town, Casey gave a full dozen to his mother.

Speaking to CBC, Casey said he finds the attention his kind gesture has received is “confusing” but is saving up to next year add chocolate and a card to the deliveries.