Unseasonal warmth could lead to record high temperatures for February

The recent temperature rises allowed punters in Cambridge to go down the river in t-shirts. Credit: PA

Strikingly, it was only just over two weeks ago that Braemar in Scotland recorded overnight lows of -15.4C, and yet, as we slide into the second half of February, local records will potentially be threatened not by cold, but by warm temperatures instead.

It's already been pretty warm in the last few days. Highs hit 18.2C at Colwyn Bay in North Wales last Friday, way above the UK average of just 7-8C.

With a large area of high pressure starting to establish to the east/southeast of the country over the next couple of days, blocking the advance of rain-bearing Atlantic frontal systems, we are caught in the middle, with a feed of warm, dry North African air boosting temperatures day on day during the latter half of the week to the high teens, potentially threatening the UK February record of 19.7C.

If we were in the height of summer, this high pressure to the east, low pressure to the west and the resulting southerly blast of warm African air would put us in heatwave territory. As it is, with plenty of sunshine, it's just something far more pleasant to look forward to.

Sunshine over London. Credit: PA


Rain across south-east England will clear and showers will ease for many, except in the far north. Therefore, most will be dry with clear spells and much lighter winds, so it will turn chilly with patchy frost in rural parts.


After a chilly start, many will be dry with spells of hazy sunshine. Skies will cloud over in the west with wet and windy weather reaching the northwest.

Wednesday to Friday

Wednesday will be wet and windy in the north-west, but drier and brighter further south. Dry and sunny weather will dominate later this week, and it will become very mild.

The weekend will be largely fine and very mild with sunshine for many, although northwest Scotland could be cloudier at times with rain and strong winds.

The southeast may see some early mist and fog, but also the best of the sunshine. The largely dry, sunny and mild conditions are likely to continue until the end of February, although rain and strong winds will affect the northwest at times.