Acting Prime Minister: Sarah Champion on changing prostitution laws, pushing the nuclear button and Tinder dating

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In this new digital series ITV News Political Correspondent Paul Brand offers the hypothetical keys to Number 10 to a guest and asks them: What would you do now?

Our first Acting Prime Minister, Labour MP Sarah Champion, says her primary focus would be on radically changing the laws on prostitution.

The former shadow secretary of state for women and equalities explains how adopting sex trade rules already existing in other countries could also dramatically impact on domestic violence, child abuse and prevailing gender stereotypes in Britain.

"At the moment all the power is with the man because he knows that he can beat up the woman, rape the woman, tell the police that she was offering services, it's not his fault," she says.

In the wide-ranging interview, Ms Champion also deals with how she would handle the challenges of maintaining a private life in the increasing public glare.

She explains why she acts like a frog in hot water when dealing with public scrutiny that soon develops into daily abuse, discusses the difficulties of dating as an MP and why maintaining a relationship outside of the Westminster bubble is challenging.

As with all our Acting PMs, the MP for Rotherham faces a round of quick-fire questions, ranging from her handling of Donald Trump and her willingness to press the nuclear button to the pet she would take into Downing Street with her.

This episode was recorded before the death of Labour MP Paul Flynn, who died on Sunday. Ms Champion says the MP for Newport West would have been part of her fantasy Cabinet.