Temperatures set to edge towards 20C later this week

Temperatures this week are expected to creep up even further. Credit: PA

By the end of this week, some of us will no doubt be tempted to throw on just a t-shirt and shorts if temperatures keep going in the right direction.

The forecast conditions will make the snow at the beginning of the month feel an age ago.

  • Why is the weather turning warmer?

Similarly to last week, we'll gradually see pressure building from the south and southeast, encouraging a southerly airflow to develop, which will in turn pull milder air from southern parts of Europe.

However, there's another factor at work.

  • The Foehn effect
Much of the UK was experiencing snow just a few weeks back. Credit: PA

Moist air off the Atlantic will bump into westward facing hills, lose much of its moisture, generating energy and heat, giving warming conditions as that air comes downslope on the eastern side of Britain's mountains and hills.

This is known as the Foehn effect.

These conditions could make for a record-breaking February as temperatures shoot towards the higher teens.

The warmest air is expected on Friday and Saturday, which could see the thermometer hitting 18C or above.

UK temperatures in February have not breached 20C since records began. Credit: Alex Beresford
  • Will records be broken?

The current UK February record is 19.7C, recorded back in 1998 at Greenwich Observatory.

The higher temperatures this time round will be further north and away from the big cities.

The outlook for later this week looks warm and clear. Credit: Alex Beresford

Wales is most likely to see its warmest February day, with other parts of Britain also getting close.

Nevertheless, these kinds of conditions we'd expect to see towards the end of April.