'Shocked' IS bride Shamima Begum has hope she will one day return to the UK

We were allowed 15 minutes to interview IS bride Shamima Begun this morning.

It was remarkable to hear she knows very little about her case.

The Kurdish Officials who are looking after the camp, in which hundreds of former ISIS women and children are being kept, are telling her nothing about her case - because she is still under investigation by them.

Ms Begum said the only update she's received has been from journalists who have come into the camp to try to interview her.

She said she was "shocked" when I told her this morning that her family had received this letter from the Home Office telling them she is no longer a UK citizen.

Ms Begum paused for a few seconds upon hearing this and she eventually seemed incredibly dazed and yet this is the same 19-year-old woman who, seven days ago, told The Times she was unfazed by the sight of a severed head in the bin in the Isis caliphate.

It appeared her mind was thinking very, very clearly - that was obvious to me and to the ITV News team that were in the room.

Within a few minutes after reading out the letter, she was already outlining one possible future of her, in her own mind, that she moves to the Netherlands.

Her husband is Dutch and she was speculating that perhaps he would move from a prison here to one closer to home.

She added she might be able to apply for citizenship there, given the fact that he has family in the Netherlands.

However she was clearly rattled by the fact the Home Office sent a letter to her family, outlining she was stripped of her British citizenship, and she doesn't know what is coming next.

But what is clear is she absolutely felt, in her heart of hearts, that she would eventually end up back in the UK and probably back home in Bethnal Green very soon but what she now knows is that seems very unlikely to happen.