Breakdancing could make Olympics debut at Paris 2024

Breakdancing could be included in the Olympic games for the first time, the organisers of Paris 2024 say.

Inclusion of the urban dance sport needs to be ratified by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) before it can be added to any events programme, but its following among young people gives hope to that happening.

The IOC has previously said it wants to modernise, bringing new sports to the games with the "goal of building youth engagement" and representing a "mix of emerging, universal and urban sports with a significant youth appeal."

If accepted, it could join karate, surfing, baseball, climbing and skateboarding as new Olympic sports, all of which will make their debut at Tokyo 2020.

Paris will host the Olympics Games in 2024. Credit: AP

The potential inclusion of the sport is a blow for fans of squash who have been rallying for inclusion but have so far had their attempts blocked.

Breakdancing was included in the Youth Olympic Games hosted by Buenos Aires in 2018. The event was exhibition only, meaning countries were invited to take part. Britain was not one of the nations selected.

A spokesperson for Team GB said it is something the body may look at in future, but at the moment its too early to confirm.

Speaking to ITV News on behalf of Team GB, Scott Field said: "We look forward to welcoming all new sports into the Olympic Games and will work with the relevant bodies to develop our relationships at the appropriate time."

Paco Boxy, director of the British Breaking League which organises competitions across the UK, said he is delighted by the news.

"A lot of people will look at breakdancing as just spinning on your head or doing the worm, but the people that I know train like athletes. They go to the gym swimming, train every day," he said.

"For this to go in the Olympics is massive, absolutely humongous."

The IOC will consider the proposal and must reach a decision by December next year.