Jeremy Corbyn pushes Labour's Brexit blueprint in Brussels

Angus Walker

Former ITV News Correspondent

After his meetings with EU officials in Brussels on Thursday, the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, and those around him, seem more confident than ever that their vision of Brexit will, somehow, become reality.

Despite not actually being in the negotiation seat or in power.

Sources close to the talks between Mr Corbyn and Michel Barnier say the EU's chief negotiator was sympathetic to Labour's ideas of membership of a customs union and a closer alignment with the single market.

Speak to EU diplomats and officials in Brussels privately and they have always seen the Labour plans as more favourable.

In fact, some go so far as to say that the EU Commission has actually drafted Labour's plans.

Mr Corbyn with Guy Verhofstadt.

With the threat of no-deal ever closer and with members of the Cabinet increasingly bold about their preference for a 'softer' Brexit, the view at the top of the Labour party is that the stars are aligning in their favour when it comes to Brexit.

At Thursday's meeting, sources say Mr Barnier had never seemed so "agitated" about the danger of no-deal, so concerned that that prime minister is "reluctant to pivot" away from her own red lines.

As the clock ticks down to 'B' Day, one of the possibilities that the Labour leadership thinks increasingly likely is that their Brexit policy could be forced through Parliament against the wishes of Theresa May.

It would perhaps require some constitutional contortions, but everything they heard in Brussels makes Mr Corbyn and those around him think that's increasingly possible.