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It's snowing in Malibu and celebrities can't handle it

Light snowfall over parts of California have left Hollywood's A-listers in a state of shock.

Celebrities have taken to Instagram to share their reaction to the wintry weather. Jerry O'Connell stepped outside his home to record a video of the winter weather.

Referring to the weather as "crazy", he said: "It is snowing right now, look at this. Snow, not hail, snow!"

Heather Locklear, who starred in Dynasty, stepped outside her home with her puppy to film the snow and posted the clip online.

Kylie Jenner has also joined in with the snow craze. She posted a short video on Instagram showing snow falling on a friend's arm.

The Dynasty star posted about the snow on Instagram. Credit: Heather Locklear / Instagram

The US' National Weather Service says up to 12 inches of snow have fallen near Los Angeles.

Californian authorities have warned of potentially dangerous driving conditions as the cold front passes over the state.