Best friends reunited after 75 years of separation

Two best friends have been reunited, by an extraordinary quirk of fate, after 75 years.

Nora Boardman and Eileen Gill grew up together in Staffordshire, but the pair lost touch after Eileen's family moved away in 1944, when she was 12 years old.

They have now ended up in the same care home and hope they won't be parted again.

Eileen and Nora pictured together, 75 years ago, on a day trip to Blackpool. Credit: ITV News

Nora Boardman said she knew straight away when she saw Eileen in the care home, that it was her childhood best friend.

"She hadn't altered, not in features, no, she hadn't altered," she said.

Now inseparable, Nora and Eileen have been catching up on the past 75 years, talking of marriage and children they both have had.

The two best friends have said they will never lose touch again.

Nora added: "I never thought I'd see her again, never, cause I didn't know where she was and I didn't know how to find out."

"I've found her now and she ain't going nowhere", the 91-year-old said.