Winter heatwave: Temperatures reach 21C

Tuesday is likely to see the sixth consecutive day of temperatures above 18C.

Scotland saw their warmest February day on record last week and Wales joined them on Sunday. Monday we saw the UK have its warmest ever February day recorded. London reached 20C and Aberystwyth, west Wales 21C.

The previous record for this month was 19.7C set in 1998.

It’s technically still winter so it’s our warmest day of the season we’ve had in a lifetime. The earliest in the year we’ve seen such temperatures was early March back in 1977.

Two beach-goers enjoy the sun in Aberystwyth. Credit: PA

Astonishing. And even more so to think that this time last year we were in the grip of the deep freeze and the Beast From The East.

A stark reminder it is still February - we keep freezing, frosty and in places, foggy nights. Some places stayed foggy, grey and cold all day Monday.

The Vale of York struggled to see temperatures get to a measly 7-8C (but nearer average for the time of year). The sun this time of year isn’t at a high enough altitude to help thicker fog lift.