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'Praise the Lord, we were okay' - 183 passengers stranded on train for 36 hours in freezing Oregon

British travellers are used to trouble with the trains but most have probably never experienced anything like what 183 passengers in the US have been forced to endure this week.

They were stranded in the freezing cold, snowy Oregon mountains for at least 36 hours after the Amtrak train they were traveling to Los Angeles from Seattle on, hit a tree on the track.

Passengers who were greeted by members of the Red Cross, appeared surprisingly upbeat when they arrived at the Eugene train depot after their day-and-a-half long ordeal.

"All in all, we weren't too worried. There were always jokes about not having enough food, but there was enough food, so, praise the Lord, we were okay," said Sam Salerno, a passenger from Monterey, California.

Sam Salerno from Monterey, California, was even able to smile about the experience. Credit: AP

Not only did the train have food and drink supplies, it also had electricity and heat to help deal with the freezing temperatures.

Marsha Trujillo, a passenger from Martinez, California, said: "[It was] relatively uncomfortable, but you know, it was not that bad. People were great."

Marsha Trujillo had no complaints other than she was unable to shower or lay down. Credit: AP

She added: "The train crew was amazing. They were so professional and so kind.

"And we really wanted for nothing except for maybe some place comfortable to lie down. And a shower."

The wait was so long because railroad officials decided to keep the passengers onboard instead of letting them scatter into a town dealing with a blackout, snow and debris-covered roads.