Cornish fishermen set to become film stars after netting record deal

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Rupert Evelyn

A group of Cornish fishermen and builders who found fame after being scouted for a record deal are to become film stars.

Fishermen's Friends, a part-time sea shanty group hailing from rural south-west fishing village Port Isaac - probably best known for its role in Doc Martin, were catapulted to success after a radio presenter heard their self-recorded tracks during a holiday in the area.

They went on to sign a £1 million record deal with Universal Music, embarking on a small tour of the United Kingdom - and were even offered the opportunity to tour the United States.

But the transatlantic trip wasn't to be.

The group work as fishermen and builders when not performing. Credit: ITV News

Tragedy struck on the last day their UK tour when two of the band's members were fatally injured by a falling garage door as they unloaded kit ahead of a gig in Guildford.

It's an element of their story producers chose not to include, but the group remain adamant it's important to remember their friends who lost lives.

It was a year before they would perform again, eventually taking to the stage at the Royal Albert Hall.

Now their story has made it to the big screen.

Pitched to be 2019's Calendar Girls, the film takes some artistic licence, but for the most part sticks close to the group's heartwarming - and breaking - story.

Whilst actors play the main roles in the film, the original group make an appearance as cameos.

It goes without saying, their voices have been lent to the film's soundtrack.

But has fame changed them?

Probably not, their next gig is as humbly Cornish as it gets - the World Pasty Championships.